Serpent King Guitars (SKG) was founded late 2011 by Henri Sattler, frontman and guitarist of God Dethroned and later joined by Robert Schotman, guitarist of Visionary666.

We both have been playing guitars all our lives and have a deep passion for this instrument.

Our mission is to offer guitars that have their own distinctive design, are easy to play and are affordable. To establish these goals we have designed a family of guitars meeting these specific demands and are continuously producing these series in batches.

After a short period of time we received regular requests for changes, modifications and personalized features in addition to our standard designs. This triggered us to start our very own custom shop.

The custom shop is specifically for those of you who are looking for your own personal touch in a guitar, whether it is the pickups, choice of wood, color, inlays or your own designed body shape.

Left handed guitars are also part of our custom shop. Giving you the opportunity to get the guitar you want, without the usual limitations lefties have to deal with.

Our collection of models is expanding every year, and so is the group of people playing our instruments, which we prefer to call “the SKG family”.

SKG is represented by various, and great names in the Metal scene like Eric Cutler of Autopsy, Dennis Hartog of Sinister, Mike Ferguson of God Dethroned, Jimmy Lundqvist of Entrails among many others.