About Serpent King 

Serpent King Guitars was founded in 2011 by Henri Sattler, whom you may know from his band God Dethroned. Henri decided to start a guitar brand with guitars for metalheads that are affordable, look cool and have a great price to quality ratio. After a while the companies ranks were expanded with the coming of Robert Schotman. Having a more technical background he dug into the development part of the company in order to be able to do more custom guitars and to offer a wider variety in the models available. During the years more models were designed, like the Anubis in co-operation with former Sinister guitarist Dennis Hartog, the Corpse which was designed by Jimmy Lundqvist of Swedish Death Metal band Entrails. Then the Blackfyre, Centurion, Gemini, Omega and Trident saw the light. Some are now collecters items and others are fully available while being upgraded all the time to reach a higher standard where possible. Some guitars that were only available as custom builds will become available as standard series guitars very soon, such as the Anubis. New shapes will be added as well as various versions of those guitars.  Stay tuned for more as the journey has only just begun.