Arjan Jansen is the guitarist of the Doomed-Death Metal band DEAD END.
He has been making music for well over 20 years.

Having played in numerous bands such as Myosotis (1996) and Prima-Nocte (2003) his guitar playing and riff writing style can best be described as Aggressive and Catchy.

Having released an album with DEAD END after their resurrection in 2016 and working on a new album to be released in the Fall of 2017 by Vic Records the unique sound of the SKG Nighthawk will have it’s place in the sound of DEAD END.

“I have always been a V-shape-guitar player. Having almost always played brands like BC-rich and Jackson i came across SKG guitars and really liked their twist on the V-shape.

Having played on the guitar for some time now i can honestly say it is a well-crafted piece of equipment. It’s very well balanced and the custom pickups are sounding nice and dirty, really fitting my style of riffing.

You can really feel that the guitar is made by people who are enthousiastic about what they do and this might not be last model i will add to my arsenal!”