Dennis Buffing is a guitarist from Germany, who can’t live without making music since more then 20 years. He´s always been working on his own typical sound and feeling, combining his rock influences with aggressive and heavy riffs.

More then a decade ago he started his band Deathtiny. Their sound would be best described as Melodic DarkMetal.

Their third album will be released by the end of 2016.

“I´ve been always dreaming of having my own customized guitar.

When I discovered SKG´s Nighthawk I asked them to built me a 7-string version of it.

It was really exciting working out the details with them and now I´m so happy with the result. The first 7-string guitar that SKG built. Well done, guys!

This guitar is perfect for powerful riffs as well as for shredding.

It brings along a clear sound even on the deepest notes and a heavy punch.

And it looks awesome!”