Dennis is guitarist for Dutch Death Metal Masters SINISTER. Previously having played in bands like Putrefied, Absurd Universe, Lunatics without Skateboards inc., Godmode, HammerHawk and Xhausted. He performed all over the world and recorded many albums in styles varying from Death and Thrash Metal to Progressive and Heavy Metal.

When Henri and I were enjoying a small beer at the Neurotic Death Fest, we talked about designing a new model for his fairly new guitar brand Serpent King Guitars.

Since both of us were enthusiastic BC Rich players, our standards were extremely high and we decided that the new model should both look cooler and sound and play better than the best guitars we had ever played.

It took us 2 weeks to come up with the final design. Off course it took many, many emails and phone calls, but every improvement, no matter how small, boosted our enthusiasm and made us realize we were getting to where we wanted the Anubis to be, …… the best and coolest guitar ever built.

Henri made the impossible happen when he built, painted and assembled the guitar in only 5 days. This to make it possible for me to bring the guitar on SINISTER’s Australian tour. I took the ANUBIS on tour without ever having played it and it hasn’t left me since.

After already having fallen in love with its tremendously awesome looks, I fell even more in love with how amazingly incredible it plays and sounds. I have played and owned many, many expensive and extremely expensive custom hand built guitars, but our ANUBIS is by far the best guitar you will and I have ever played and by far the coolest looking one.