Dennis van Galen is guitarist for Braincasket founded in 2007.

Previously he played in Temple of Eternity from 1998 till 2007 and Stoma grindcore from 2008 till 2013.

Dennis played shows in a lot of different countries: “Austia, Belgium, Germany, Slowakia, Czech republic, Poland, Portugal and Brasil”. Hopefully a lot of new countries will follow.

In December 2016 Braincasket have released their new full length CD Ratchet of Perdition.
Twelve brutal death metal songs with blunt slam parts, fierce death metal riffs and insane blast beats!

Serpent King Guitars rule!

The Nighthawk is a versatile instrument, a hi-quality product for a low price! As guitarist in Braincasket I like low riffing with an occaisonnal guitar solo.
From the first moment I laid my hands on this guitar I liked the feel of the instrument.

Even without the guitar plugged to an amp it sounds good.
You can hear that hi-quality woods and hi-quality paints are used.
The instrument is produced by knowledgeable people that have love for the product!

What I also like is that you can customize the guitar.
Tremolo or no tremolo?!
And espacially your own choice for pick ups.

It is a fairly light guitar (good when you have back problems ;-)), but still it is very solid.

So when I go out on the road there is only one medicine for me: The Nighthawk!