When i was 13 i first got my own guitar. And by that time the year was 1987 and the metal scene was growing. To me the 80’s gave birth to my first influences in metal of every genre that was on the wall and also the style I self learned tried to play myself with friends. Exploring and learning was the main thing. Playing covers before own songs was the thing.

The year 1990 I was introduced to DM for real when a friend showed me some records he bought and when I first heard a “Sunlight band” I was sold. That sound.. that guitar playing.. I began to explore the scene and found other “sunlight bands” and the future was set.. this is what I was going to do.. Play Swedish death metal. So be it.. I gathered some friends and we became Entrails and began to rehearsal and were recording some songs but never made that demo that could have us into the horde of Swedish bands that existed back then. The sound and poor playing quality only ended up for personal use and showing friends unfortunately..

When we split up in 95 I was on my own and went back to my roots and mixture all kinds of styles into a personal touch and wrote a lot of riffs and songs until I lost my motivation and quit playing.The year 2005 I was to bored with myself and misses to play music so I bought me a guitar again and began where I quit playing, and of course a lot have left my memories and I had to begin to learn a lot of things once again. I also was introduced to home recording with computers and began to write songs again. And when I found my old Entrails stuff on the tapes I had saved I became to damn nostalgic and re-recorded them to a better faith.And from that date I have done Entrails and have done a minor personal success until now with that band…Not being involved in other bands and 100% focus in one band is to me the receipt to have a goal alive..

Of course an old dream of having my own personal guitar was there inside my head. And playing with every kinds of brands my Present Gibson flying V was the best I’ve ever had played with so far. When I made contact with Henri at SKG and he wanted to help me build my custom build guitar with ingredients from that V and with modern mics and a personal look from other guitars mixed into one I was really exited until the day the guitar arrived..

I must say I was blown away by the result.

Everything I wanted was there and it felt magical to play on.

Every tone sounded as I wanted with my HM2 and I felt comfortable from the first second with it.

And to me the overal feeling makes it even better than the Gibson V. And now my SKG “Corpse” is the best guitar I’ve ever played on.

Worth every single penny I can now continue to create rotten tunes and show others that’s its doable to make your own personal touch in your life by making your own custom guitar.