Matthijs de Haan is in possession of a SKG Pulsar for quite some time now.

The guitar has seen it’s fair share of stages on tours both domestic and abroad.

The metalcore formation with a hardcore vibe released two EP’s in respectively 2012 and 2013. Equally hard as melodic and not shy of the occasional blast beat, Grown Cold played well over 250 shows including European tours and weekenders and shared the stage with Sick of it All, The Acacia Strain, Pro-Pain, The Misfits, No Turning Back, First Blood, Born From Pain and Hatebreed.

“When Henri contacted me about playing an SKG I was honored and a little surprised. Turns out the singer of one of Holland’s biggest death metal band has a secret hardcore crush, haha.While I wasn’t really looking for a new guitar, the prospect of having a custom one did it for me. Also, Henri introduced me to the railhammer pickup which completely blew me away. I was using active EMG’s that forever sound rubbish now!As for the guitar, I wanted a very clean matte black design with only a bridge pickup and a volume knob. Together with the ebony fretboard and all black hardware the guitar is build for one thing: Fucking metal!