Tobias Finkl Call of Charon
Tobias Finkl Call of Charon
Tobias Finkl Call of Charon
Tobias Finkl Call of Charon
Tobias Finkl Call of Charon

I became interested in guitars when I first came across metal music.
I was so enthusiastic about the whole thing that I wanted to learn to play the guitar as quickly as possible so that I could one day stand on stages as big as my idols.
For my 12th birthday I got my first electric guitar from my parents.
Totally enthusiastic about the different forms, about the technology and all the different music genres, I started taking guitar lessons to learn to play really well.
But soon the guitar was no longer enough.
I started to think about what MY dream guitar would look like.
Over the past 12 years I have bought guitars that I always liked in some way, but I still wanted my own custom guitar.
In 2015 I had my first band experience with my friends.
We called ourselves “Death Comes In Waves” and played a style somewhere between Metalcore / Deathmetal and Blackmetal.
I was able to gain my first studio and stage experience there and thus discovered a new passion for me.
In 2017 I got the chance to join my current band “Call Of Charon”.
My dream of having my own custom guitar was bigger than ever!
I became aware of “SERPENT KING GUITARS” through the media.
I heard a lot of positive things about the guitars and was especially impressed with the in-house shapes.
The first contact with SKG was super friendly and very helpful.
I talked about my wishes and quickly got the feeling that I was in good hands here.
I really liked the “Blackfyre” model right from the start.
I also had clear ideas about the hardware.
The choice of the pickups a lot on the EMG 81/85, for the tremolo it was important for me to use the Schaller “Lockmeister”.
My personal highlight (in addition to the green paint, of course) is my own inlay.
I designed an inlay that should combine my two hobbies (graffiti and metal).
I am so enthusiastic about the quality of my guitar that I can recommend SKG to every guitarist / bass player of the harder music at any time with a clear conscience and out of pure conviction!
However, since you are traveling a lot as a live band, you should always have a second guitar with you, just in case.
So it should not be just a guitar and I bought another guitar from SKG in 2019.
I chose the “Night Reaper” model (“Night Reaper 5th Anniversary Edition”) because I really liked the shape and special paintwork as well as the sound of the in-house pickups (“Cosmic Collision”).
At this point I would like to thank you both for the great and reliable collaboration as well as for the guitars!

Now I would like to tell you a little bit about my band “Call Of Charon”:
We are a deathcore band from the heart of the Ruhr area.
Spread over the last 3 years, we had the great honor to share the stages with bands like “Napalm Death”, “Fit For An Autopsy” or “Thy Art Is Murder”.
But we have also been very busy off the stage in the past months and years.
We recorded our first full-length album and wanted it to be something very special.
So we didn’t leave anything to chance!
We recorded the album at Phil’s “Pekay Audio”.
Mix and Master took over Zack ears from “Castle Ultimate Productions” and Scotty Bates is responsible for the artwork.
But also in terms of content we got everything out and got reinforcements from CJ McMahon (Thy Art Is Murder), Frankie Palmeri (Emmure) and Henri Sattler (God Dethroned).
On November 1st, 2019 our first full length album “PLAGUEBEARER” was released via Massacre Records.

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