Coalition was founded in july 2001 at Bastogne (Belgium) by Yoan Schieber (Guitars) & plays old school Death Thrash Metal.

Coalition played many gigs and festivals with:

Vader, Sinister, Aborted, Benighted, Kronos, Dylath-leen, Panchrysia, Superbutt, In quest, Leng tch’e,
Insense, Mass hysteria.

Sign with Konklav records since a second album Tortured by eternal dream (2005)

Coalition played at Sonisphere festival 2013 at Amneville (France) with bands such as:
Iron Maiden, Slayer, Megadeth, Behemoth, Amon Amarth, In Flames and other great bands…

In december 2013 , Yoan Schieber founder INFECTED  Groove Thrash Death Metal and play

Mini tour in Belgium / Luxembourg / France.


– SOLIS IMPULSIO (2012) KR- (coalition)
– TORTURED BY ETERNAL DREAM (2005) KR- (coalition)
– DEVIL REVOLUTION (2003 ) AP- (coalition)
– DARKNESS KNIGHTS (2002) demo – (coalition)
– LES CENDRES EP (2014) (Infected)
– FACE AU MINOTAURE (YouTube song 2016) (Infected)

Since 1994 a lot of guitars passed through my hands, but it’s difficult to find exactly a perfect guitar in a standard guitar shop.
With the neck, the wood, pickups, shape, etc.
I wanted a guitar to be 100% perfect. And I wanted a King V straight from hell, I discovered SKG with their Nighthawk model.

A guitar that kicks ass !
With the wood that I wanted, Floyd Rose bridge, and killswitch where I want!
With customization of the finish which is an extension of my veins and my blood with this blood splatter!

Thanks Henri, Robert and SKG for realizing my dream!