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Frank Blackfire - Sodom

Guitarist and songwriter for German Thrashers Sodom.

Dave Meester - God Dethroned

I would definitely recommend this guitar to my heavy music collegues!

Eric Cutler - Autopsy

SKG is second to none. The wait is over, the Serpent is here!

Jimmy Lundqvist - Entrails

Everything i wanted was there and it felt magical to play on.

Patrik Eriksson - Carnal Savagery

Well balanced, slick neck and overall a joy to play!

Marcus Maggesson - Revel in Flesh

Fabian Herrmann - Revel in Flesh

Marc Ouwendijk - Abrupt Demise

Best choice I’ve ever made, sounds great, play’s great.

Tobias Finkl - Call of Charon

I am so enthusiastic about the quality of my guitar that i can recommend SKG to every guitar player.

Rogga Johansson - Paganizer

My 3 SKG Stratus6 guitars are awesomely easy to play, sound like a tank and with killer finish.

Job Bos - Dead Eyed Creek

Incredible playability and sustain. I felt home right away, something i always look for in my instruments.

Ulrich Wegrich - Blod

I play this axe with madness on stage, yet it never detunes!

Bjorn Knackebrod - Graceless

Berthus Westerhuis - Jurassic Park

Compared to my SG the Pulsar has a much better balance and hardly goes out of tune.

Marc Dosser - Desdemonia

I own some guitars of famous brands and I can easily say that my Nighthawk from SKG is the best instrument I got to play.

Arnd Klink - Darkness

The “Stratus” is almost like a third arm. Sometimes she plays me and I don’t play her.

David Wagner - Desdemonia

The neck plays super smooth and the tone with the Railhammer pickups is just brain melting. Both on the low end and the clear high notes.

Martin Klomp - Panoptikon

An honest and reliable guitar where digging in is rewarded with a thunderous roar.


Sascha Beselt - Mandatory

Designed, built and played by musicians who know what to aim for!

Ronald Reinders - Overruled

It sounds really good, it feels really good and it plays really good!