Lycaon Vollmond is a guitarist for the Edmonton, Alberta based Canadian black metal outfit, Idolatry.

He has been an active member of the Edmonton metal scene since his departure from native province Newfoundland.

He has performed in many bands ranging from Death to Doom, but his mainstay has always been Black metal.

“When I discovered that Henri was building guitars, I knew that this could be my chance to own a guitar built by someone who understood harsh tones. As a black metal artist, my tone needs a heavily distorted edge, but I also want clarity in my notes.

I found this combination with the in house build SKG pickups, which can closely compared to Seymour Duncan Black Winters. Picking chords in distortion ring true without a wall masking each note.

Playing wise, this guitar feels natural, it handles very well with no difficulty. I chose a basswood body for myself because I find it to be a lot less heavy and really feels light when holding for hours on end. I got the perfect balance with this guitar as most I have played had faults in one way or another.

Objectively, I have studied all aspects of this guitar and found it flawless. Amazing job Henri!

Look forward to working more with you!”