Maarten Righarts currently plays guitar for We Fall Slowly, a well known name in the underground scene of the Netherlands, and used to play in a number of other well known underground bands, ranging from old school hardcore and punk to new-wave rock and post-rock.

“I was looking a long time for a versatile guitar that suited my needs.One that can produce a wide variety of tones that range from heavy riffing to soundscapes, but also a guitar that wasn’t too heavy on my shoulders or my hands, but still had those classic looks.

I am the kind of person that likes too have a one-of-a-kind guitar with loads of possibilities.

SKG was always thinking ahead and offering sollutions.SKG provided me with a guitar that fitted the description in every way. While looking like modern player it certainly can provide those vintage tones.

With the smooth neck and a firm mahogany body it’s a joy to play everytime I pick it up.

This is definitely the best best guitar I ever played.

Never looked back.”