Marc Ouwendijk started way back in 1984 to play classic guitar under the great influance of my father who was a great guitar player for a Hawaiian band.

In 1989 then moved on to become a singer for a Dutch doom metal band called Condolence.

After playing in a lot of local bands like Dragonsfire, Hexxxus and the rockers of Shake, I moved to the east of the Netherlands and came in contact with the guys from Burning Hatred & Abrupt Demise.

For many years I played B.C.Rich and Epiphone, but always wanted a custom built guitar, but never had the opportunity to buy one.

When I saw the SKG Pulsar for the first time I was completely blown away.

The Les Paul was always my favorite model, but the rounding on the Pulsar was the finishing touch.

After my meeting with Robert and Henri they would build me the first Pulsar Elite, because I wanted a whammy bar added to the model.

The result is amazing, a nice mahogany matte black body with natural maple neck and ebony fretboard, Floyd Rose bridge and 2 Cosmic Collision pickups.

Best choice I’ve ever made, sounds great, play’s great.

The SKG guys delivered a killer guitar.