I started playing guitar when I was 14 years old and played my first gig at 15 in my Dads old pub.

As my guitar ability started to grow I join a couple of bands through my high school years and learned how to play well but also play well live.

A couple of failed attempts later I joined Seed of Sorrow and found myself a more challenging environment to develop my skill further, really push my boundaries to the next level.

To do that, as some of you know, you need the right gear but in order to get said gear you would have to donate a leg or arm to acquire it. Until I contacted Henri at SKG, I have always being a Ibanez RG die hard I never thought I would see myself use anything else.

After receiving my Stratus6 I was dubious but playing it up and down the country, (including Bloodstock Open Air) I have realised it is perfect for the stage, everything about it from the tone to the weight of it.

SKG guitars have been a important and necessary move for Seed of Sorrow we hope for a long and heavily laden metal relationship!