Panoptikon was established in 2006 with one thing in mind; to make oldschool Death/Thrash Metal with a heavy groove in the likes of Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Gorefest and Malevolent Creation, with a guitarsound similar to the swedish hm-2 scene.

We like to keep it simple but effective. We let the music do the talking!

After various singles and EP’s we released out first album called Sunken City this spring, which was well received by press and public.

“I was playing with the idea for some time to have my own custom guitar when Henri contacted me to meet up.

At a guitar convention in Groesbeek we talked for 2 hours and he showed me a prototype Anubis he developed with Dennis and the shape instantly hit me. Hints of an Explorer and Mockingbird rolled into one unique and mean looking shape.

Throw in 2 Railhammer Anvils ( byebye EMG), minimal electronics, a solid slab of Magohany, a slight change in shape for better reaching high frets and you get a perfect stageweapon, an honest and reliable guitar where digging in is rewarded with a thunderous roar.

It fits my HM-2 sound perfectly!

Hands-down the best bang for the buck….”