Sanne van Dijk is the guitarist of Sci-Fi death metal band Apophys.

Active in the Dutch metal-scene since 2004 and has previously played in the bands Erebus and Toxocara.

Apophys’ debut album ‘Prime Incursion’ was released in 2015 through Metal Blade Records.

“My custom Stratus6 is absolutely awesome, I haven’t played anything else for the past two years. When I was presented the opportunity to have a custom guitar build by Henri I didn’t need a second thought.

SKG was able to deliver exactly what I needed; a light weight, relatively simple guitar that plays hard and fast. With a mahogany body, ebony fretboard, EMG-81 and volume knob it’s build to do one thing and do it right.The matte black finish of the body and neck not only makes my guitar look great, but it also plays really smooth and screams for speed. I’m proud to be part of the SKG family and feel the growth of the brand is well deserved. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for new designs and developments because my next guitar will be a SKG for sure.”