Bands : OTARGOS – composer/guitars/vox & VOLKER – composer/guitars

OTARGOS celebrates this years 15 years of existence, 15 years within the French black/death metal scene.

XENO-KAOS, the last album, was released end of 2015, exclusively based on W40K universe.

VOLKER is a new project of dark and cold rock metal genre.

Featuring members of OTARGOS and the front-women Jen Nyx.

“I played a lot guitars in my life, many brands from old-school to modern style, from Gibson’s to ESP…

I always searched for an axe that looks dark, sobre but with a futuristic touch, When I saw SKG models and finished I was completely charmed !

The satin black finish of my PULSAR is exactly what I was searching for, it really fit to the OTARGOS aestetism on stage.

I asked Henri for for a simple configuration with a single passive PU, 1 volume, no tone pot.

That’s my way : Raw with no concession. I’m really satisfied about this SKG guitar, it becomes my principal one.

The neck is just awesome, for sure one of the best I had in my hands.

The body wood gives me all heavyness and loudness I need with rich bass and fucking great sustain.

I play this axe with madness on stage but it never detunes !

Thanx Henri and Serpent King Guitars to bring me this weapon of destruction.”