Yes, all guitars that leave the Serpent King Guitars (SKG) workshop are well packed and fully insured when sent to a customer. When a guitar arrives with transport damage then make sure you take photographs immediately and send those to us by e-mail at:

Yes you can have your guitar upgraded with hardware of your choice. These additional products will be added to the standard production guitar. Hardware and labour costs will be invoiced on top of the webshop pricing. Please keep in mind that we cannot undo features that are already there like removing a bridge pickup cavity or change the color, etc. Upgrades are limited and can vary from type to type. Please let us know before you purchase the guitar. Perhaps a custom shop guitar is a more suitable option in your specific case.

No we do not have any exclusive retailers at this point.

Purchasing Agents: If you wish to become a retailer of Serpent King Guitars (SKG), please contact We can make arrangements for Retailers / Dealers.

We only communicate through email addresses formatted like this: or If someone contacts you regarding Serpent King Guitars (SKG) with an email address formatted differently, please let us know.

The company started making guitars under the moniker Serpent King Guitars in 2011.

We do not have any exclusive retailers where you can try our guitars. If you have questions for existing owners please feel free to join our online community at or contact us through the contact form with inquiries.

Not standard, but you can purchase a case with your guitar through the webshop.

Guitars that are not available from the online shop can only be purchased as custom shop guitars at the moment.

Yes that’s possible, also if you want to try our guitars before purchase, but please make an appointment first.

Some people have been unable to buy guitars because by the time they attempt to purchase, they are out of stock. Productions can last 120 days, so from time to time we will open a Pre-Order during the production of this instrument. Buying this Pre-Order Guarantees you a guitar from the production currently underway. However, our production runs are not unlimited in numbers, so if you are looking for a guitar that is out of stock, then don’t wait too long to let us know if you want to take part in this specific production run.

PayPal has 6 Months No Payments / No Interest financing called “PayPal Credit”. It is as easy as checking out on the Serpent King Guitars (SKG) Shop and choosing “PayPal” as the method of payment. PayPal will prompt you to use your balance or PayPal Credit. Choose PayPal Credit and then follow their process to receive your financing.

We do accept submissions for artist endorsements or artist deals. For consideration please send your requests to Include your band, your brand, & your audience.
Please keep in mind that we are a small company, so we cannot afford to hand out free guitars. We do offer discounted deals to certain artists depending on their popularity, the amount of exposure they can give us. etc. This means that we can’t give every guitar player the same discount.

We are based in Zuidwolde, The Netherlands.

Designed & conceived by Serpent King Guitars (SKG) in The Netherlands, using the worlds premier sources of exotic woods, assembled in Asia by our team of craftsmen. Customshop & left handed guitars are produced by our team in Zuidwolde, The Netherlands.

Yes, we are building customshop guitars on a daily basis. Please contact us through the contact form should you desire a custom built guitar. We will go through all the details and send you an orderform to make sure your guitar will be built to your desires.  We request a 50% advance payment before starting on your guitar and the building time is approximately 4 – 8 months. The return policy does not apply to guitars which are custom built.