Maybe one day you’ll decide that the time has come for you to get the guitar you always dreamed of. You happen to like the SKG designs, but want something special to make the guitar your own. We offer all the types of wood that are suitable for a guitar, from the more genuine woods like mahogany to the very exotic ones like black walnut, limba or bubinga for example.

We also combine various types together to make a beautiful blend that not only sound great, but are also a treat to the eye. The woods we use come from a trustworthy supplier and are all certified to avoid any unnecessary damage to our planet.
Our custom shop guitars are handcrafted in our workshop in Zuidwolde, The Netherlands.
Apart from using high end woods, we also offer high end paintjobs including airbrush, custom inlays varying from Tree of life, album titles, band logos, or any design you may have.

Last but not least we also offer the possibility to build a guitar you designed yourself as we did for Jimmy Lundqvist of Entrails.
Please take a look at our photo gallery to get an idea of the possibilies.

Inquiries can be sent through the contact form.